Top nightclubs in Amsterdam

There are a number of top nightclubs in Amsterdam to choose from whenever you feel the party mood bubbling up. But let us cut the chit chat and get right down to business with the top nightclubs Amsterdam owns for a remarkable party time. Specifically, Abe Club & Lounge, as this wondrous party venue is called, has the complete set up. Parties at daytime or nighttime? Private parties regarding birthdays, accomplishments, important announcements or anything else? You name it, Club Abe organizes it. Ever heard of the famous Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam? Well, right in its neighborhood, at number 30 in the Amstelstraat, you will encounter the doors to one of the top nightclubs in Amsterdam.

Top nightclubs Amsterdam arranges

There is no doubt that Club Abe belongs with its specific eclectic setup to the top nightclubs Amsterdam has ready. This eclectic club provides:
  • Two areas;
  • sharable moments;
  • sweet beverages;
  • parties throughout the week;
  • top level party service.
Abe Club & Lounge presents two areas which can be separated. One area is especially put together for the dancing crowd. The other area pertains more to the crowd interested in relaxing or socializing while enjoying great drinks offered at the bar. Share some of your best party moments with friends, family or colleagues to the beats mixed by the professional DJs. Usually people go out in the weekends when they have some spare time off work. Some of us have spare time during the week. With Club Abe you have the luxury of going crazy during weekdays. With a standard theme for each day but with a fresh layout every time the guests are well amused. Do you require bottle service or a VIP treatment? Look no further and arrange your party now with Abe Club & Lounge.

Amsterdam top nightclubs

Organizing your private party with top nightclubs in Amsterdam, specifically Abe Club & Lounge, is a piece of cake. No extra decorations needed as the place lends itself for easy customization to suit any kind of mood. In Amsterdam, top nightclubs like Club Abe fully cater your party according the demands. Furthermore even transportation can be taken care, for instance picking each of your guests up at their residences. Parking is no problem at all whether you are travelling by road or by water. The professional team of Club Abe is ready to arrange your private party to your complete satisfaction. Party on with Abe Club & Lounge!

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Opening hours Thursday  | From 23:30 - 04:00
Friday     | From 23:30 - 04:00
Saturday | From 23:30 - 04:00
Sunday | From 23.30 - 04.00

  ABE Club & Lounge
Contact: You can reach us at the office from
Monday - Friday between 10AM and 6PM.
At the Club you can reach us via textmessage.

Office Number: 31 (0)20 845 7872
Club Number: 31 (0)6 24 48 25 90