Club in Amsterdam city centre

The most visited club in Amsterdam city centre in the Netherlands of course, is none other then Abe Club & Lounge. There are many more clubs in Amsterdam city centre but none of these venues come even close to the unique party experience offered by Club Abe. Besides the fact that every time the doors of Club Abe open you are able to experience a newly planned event, this club offers two separate areas. What makes this place so very special is its historical background. The place used to be a prosperous bank owned by Abraham Carel Wertheim who commissioned an architect to redesign the bank utilizing eclectic influences. Added to the historical inspiration, the present eclectic creativity of the people of Club Abe, you get the best club in Amsterdam city centre, Abe Club & Lounge!

Unique clubs in Amsterdam city centre

What else makes Club Abe such a special venue to visit aside from the 2(two) separate areas? Club Abe, as the most interesting of all clubs in Amsterdam city centre, offers:
  • Customized events;
  • corporate events;
  • conferences;
  • seminars;
  • kick-offs;
  • product launches;
  • gala;
  • fashion shows;
  • diners.
The most popular club of all clubs in Amsterdam city centre is not just for all you party animals out there. Apart from the party area, Club Abe features a lounge which offers a great ambiance for dinner or even if you just want to chill out with some friends, family or colleagues. The space around the island bar along with the lighting is suitable for those enjoying exquisite cocktail blending creativity. To add to the mood some background music or DJ makes the lounge perfect for your relax evening out.

Club Abe shares!

Not only are you able to enjoy the complete party package with this club in Amsterdam city centre. The most unselfish of all clubs in Amsterdam city centre not only shares its one of a kind ambiance but also present its visitors or future visitors a great opportunity. Do you want to set up a party of your own for family, friends or co-workers? Do you want more of the special concoctions of Club Abe? Plan your private party now with Club Abe and they will teach you how to create some of their delicious cocktails with their cocktail workshops. So come on down the Amstelstraat at the famous Rembrandtplein in Hollands capital Amsterdam and set up reservations for a great party experience at Abe Club & Lounge.

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Opening hours Thursday  | From 23:30 - 04:00
Friday     | From 23:30 - 04:00
Saturday | From 23:30 - 04:00
Sunday | From 23.30 - 04.00

  ABE Club & Lounge
Contact: You can reach us at the office from
Monday - Friday between 10AM and 6PM.
At the Club you can reach us via textmessage.

Office Number: 31 (0)20 845 7872
Club Number: 31 (0)6 24 48 25 90