The sun is already setting, it will be night-time soon in Holland’s capital city. And you know what that means right? In just about a few hours, nightlife will be up and running in the best nightclubs in Amsterdam. But what do the best nightclub in Amsterdam look like? What is the set up like and how does such a club distinguish itself from others? Where in Amsterdam will you find such a club with the greatest party experience? A very good example of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam is situated in the Amstelstraat, very close to the popular Rembrandtplein. Abe Club & Lounge is what the best is all about when talking about the number one venues available for a great night out in Amsterdam. Go for the best in nightlife experience in Amsterdam and check out Abe Club & Lounge!

Best nightclub in Amsterdam: Club Abe!

Why is Abe Club & Lounge qualified to be the best nightclub in Amsterdam? Club Abe means much more than just a night out. It means a night out in Amsterdam’s finest party venues. Worth mentioning are the facts that Club Abe:
• Considers all party people;
• welcomes all party people;
• hosts any party;
• is diverse.
Are you working the nine to five throughout the week? Does your job have very irregular working hours? When would you find the time then to experience partying in the best nightclubs in Amsterdam? Well not to worry party people, because just for you Abe Club & Lounge is available and not only during the weekend. So if you want to go crazy on weekdays or looking for something special in the weekend, Abe Club & Lounge has it all. From a party area with various kinds of music every time the doors open to a restful lounge area. Aside from settling down, the lounge area is great for socializing and dining. Any kind of reason for a celebration? Abe Club & Lounge as number one of the best nightclubs Amsterdam owns, fully caters your party

Best nightclubs? Amsterdam!

The entire area in which Abe Club & Lounge is situated, is a very spirited area when it comes to nightlife. No wonder it is here you will find the best. There are several nightclubs in Amsterdam. However, the best Amsterdam nightclubs by far is Abe Club & Lounge. Club Abe has a very special aspect and that is that they serve the best cocktails. You have not tasted the best if you have not tasted these very unique beverages. Nightclubs like Abe Club & Lounge love to share which is why they offer cocktail workshops. No matter what occasion, whether it is with friends, family or colleagues, your party will be legendary at Club Abe in Amsterdam. Clubs like Abe not only fully cater parties but also offer an opportunity to create their splendid cocktails. Abe Club & Lounge, the best in Amsterdam! 

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Opening hours Thursday  | From 23:30 - 04:00
Friday     | From 23:30 - 04:00
Saturday | From 23:30 - 04:00
Sunday | From 23.30 - 04.00

  ABE Club & Lounge
Contact: You can reach us at the office from
Monday - Friday between 10AM and 6PM.
At the Club you can reach us via textmessage.

Office Number: 31 (0)20 845 7872
Club Number: 31 (0)6 24 48 25 90